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RateBoutique.ca does not provide any of the products or services on the website, and therefore, does not make any decisions in connection with the products or services offered by the Providers that are listed and compared on the RateBoutique website. RateBoutique does not endorse or recommend the products or services of any particular Provider or any other third party. RateBoutique.ca is designed solely to create and facilitate first contact between the users of RateBoutique.ca and its Providers. You should use your own judgment in deciding which product and/or service and Provider best suits your individual needs. The Provider that you choose, is solely responsible for the services they provide you, and you agree that RateBoutique will not be held liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with your use of our products or services. You agree that RateBoutique and the Providers that you have selected are entitled to keep your request information and any other information provided through RateBoutique.ca or received by them in the processing of your request. If you wish to no longer receive communications from RateBoutique or the provider, you must directly notify both parties. RateBoutique agrees not to sell or provide your information to any third parties, other than the mortgage providers you have requested through our site.


RateBoutique.ca is an independent website providing you with information, rates, and links to various mortgage brokers and banks. RateBoutique.ca is not a mortgage broker, bank, mortgage lender, private lender or insurer. Information from third parties/Providers is verified at time of receipt, but its continuing accuracy cannot beguaranteed. The information, material, and content provided on the RateBoutique website, including rates, broker information, bank information, and articles are verified when posted, but due to acontinuously changing market, there is no guarantee that this continuously changing market, there is no guarantee that this information will remain accurate, complete or current at all times. Requesting a rate is not a guarantee that you will get the rate, as you must qualify for said product, and due to a fluctuating mortgage market, occasionally a requested rate may no longer exist by the time you have been put in touch with a mortgage specialist. The information on the RateBoutique website may include typographical errors or technical inaccuracies, and RateBoutique and its staff (directors, officers and employees) cannot be held liable, however will make the required changes for these inaccuracies and/or errors as it is brought to their attention. All products, services and information on the RateBoutique website may be changed and/or withdrawn at any time without prior notice.


Anyone who uses RateBoutique must do so for information purposes only, in order to get into communication with Providers, or to request information and/or offers from Providers. By clicking on any button for processing or submission, you understand that you are submitting a request for a product or service through RateBoutique to each of the Providers to whom you have requested. In doing so, you are authorizing each Provider to contact you by telephone at any or all the numbers you have provided (even if any of these numbers are on the Do Not Call List) in order to assist you with your request/transaction. You also consent to these Providers emailing you as well at the email address you have provided or that has been provided to RateBoutique/provider throughout the follow-up process. These e-mails will not be considered as spam or unauthorized by any applicable law or regulation. By saving your information on the RateBoutique website or by completing a submission, you give RateBoutique permission to retain all the information you have provided. RateBoutique has the right to call you at any of the numbers that you have provided as well in order to discuss any information related to your submission.

By submitting any form or request form, you authorize RateBoutique.ca to provide information that you provided, to its Providers (banks/brokers). You also authorize RateBoutique’s Providers (banks and brokers) to request your credit bureau report from Equifax and/or Transunion as deemed necessary. RateBoutique.ca is not responsible for any errors or delays in responding to a request caused by, but not limited to, an incorrect e-mail address or phone number(s) provided by you or any other technical problems that may occur which are beyond our reasonable control.


RateBoutique.ca cannot guarantee that access to its website will be uninterrupted or without delays. If there are any errors on the RateBoutique site, we cannot be held liable for any damages arising from incorrect information. Always double check all of our information with the Provider (mortgage specialist) to make sure that you have accurate information. If there is an error on Rateboutique.ca, kindly inform us so that we can make the appropriate corrections.

RateBoutique constantly verifies its website for errors and omissions, viruses, etc. However, due to the nature of the World Wide Web, we cannot guarantee that viruses or other destructive properties will not be transmitted or that no damage will occur to your computer. It is your sole responsibility for taking appropriate measures to scan for computer viruses and/or other destructive properties. It is always wise to backup your computer information, and make sure you have appropriate programs on your computer to protect them. As always, any information sent via email or through any electronic device could possibly be subject to loss or interception. Keeping this in mind, please do not send us any sensitive information such as date of birth or social insurance number over the internet. All sensitive information should be provided over the phone or in person. RateBoutique will not be responsible or held liable for any interception of information or lost data or damages arising from any information sent over the internet.


RateBoutique.ca cannot be held responsible, and has zero liability to any of the direct and/or indirect users of the RateBoutique website for any damages whatsoever caused by the use of the RateBoutique website. You must verify all information and make your own informed decisions as RateBoutique is strictly an informational site designed to help connect you to mortgage professionals and give you enough information to understand the basics of the mortgage industry. RateBoutique also has links to other mortgage related websites, that help assist you in your mortgage proceedings. Once you leave the RateBoutique website via one of these links, we no longer control the content of these websites, nor do we endorse these websites or any of their products. These links are solely for the purpose of helping you obtain more information in order for you to make a well informed decision. Once you have left the RateBoutique website via one of our links, you will then be subject to the terms and conditions of the new website, of which we are no longer in control of content and therefore have zero liability for any direct and/or indirect damages.

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If any harm/damages arise to a client through dealing with a Provider on the RateBoutique website, the client must settle this by contacting the association that regulates that Provider. RateBoutique serves the sole purpose of matching clients with Providers, but is not responsible and cannot be held liable for anything that happens after this match has been made. Changes may be made to the terms and conditions at any time without notice by updating this disclaimer section. You agree to review the terms and conditions on a regular basis, and your continued access and/or use of the RateBoutique website means that you agree to any changes